The Main Event: RAGE — Wednesday night @ 7:30pm

Want to know what to expect when you come to RAGE? When arriving at RAGE, expect to be immediately given a high five or some crazy handshake from one of our RAGE members or staff. If it’s your first time or your one-hundredth time to RAGE, we are always glad to see you!

Hanging out with friends is an important part of RAGE. We give you plenty of ways to have a good time. You can slap around a hockey puck on one of our air hockey tables, or play ping-pong like Forest Gump.

Maybe you’re a ‘pool shark’ in training? We’ve got you covered as well. RAGE also weighs in on the age old debate, ‘Which is better, XBox or PS2?’ For now XBox seems to be winning the battle. You can get schooled or maybe even do some schooling on one of our game consoles.

Come early , stay late! That’s our motto.

Add some awesome music videos on a big screen to the mix and you have the perfect RAGE hangout environment!
Food for anyone with a heartbeat is always a vital concern. Never fear, the RAGE Café is here! Dine on some homemade (yeah right) food every week at RAGE. From nachos to fire balls, we’ve got something your belly will agree with. Wash it down with a fine carbonated beverage or a Starbucks Frappuccino and you’re good to go.

After you’ve had all you can take of friends and fun, the RAGE Band kicks in. This isn’t your grandmother’s ‘Amazing Grace’ ! the RAGE Band rocks the house! Spending time in the presence of God every week at RAGE is a big part of what we do. Throw in a heaping dose of real, practical, toe curling teaching from the Word of God and you are pumped up like Arnold Schwartzenegger. Trust us, it will leave you saying, ‘I’ll be back!’

End the evening with more grub and fun. Why would anyone not show up for their weekly dose of RAGE?

RAGE Extra-curricular


The RAGE experience cannot be contained within the walls of the RAGE Room. From Camp Decision, ski trips and missions trips to scavenger hunts and movie nights, RAGE has more than enough to keep you busy, having a good time and growing in your relationship with God.

So, what are you waiting for?